I spent over 25 years working in the murky world of finance, first in London (I am a Brit) and then in New York (I am also a Yank). In 2001 the company I was with was sold and I quickly became disenchanted with the whole notion of Wall Street. Required to work out my time with this new company I spent my time doodling around the idea of doing something completely different with the rest of my life. Not an easy project since all I really knew was the world of derivatives, commodity trading….and wine!

I decided that once free of my shackles I would open a wine store. A wine store where I would want to shop.It would be stocked full of unknown and funky stuff that I could count on to be the perfect wine for the perfect moment. And it would have wonderful people who actually knew what they were talking about. And they would be as passionate about wine as I am.

Wine at Five is the ongoing culmination of that decision. You won’t find mass produced, synthetic wines in our store. You will find wines that you have never heard of before. You will find varietals that you never knew existed. And you will find wonderful people who know what they are talking about. We spend hours researching wines that we want to introduce to our customers. And we spend hours tasting the stuff before we make the introduction. And I have to tell you, it beats looking at the Dow Jones go up and down and sometimes sideways!

Now in our 10th year we continue with our daily research and our daily tastings. We continue to strive to find better wine and we continue to pursue our goal of supplying our customers with great service, great wine and great stories.