Embark on a liquid journey around the vast (and sometimes intimidating) ocean of wine. Alongside your selection you will find a brochure to help you navigate through the monthly theme, as well as some food pairing ideas.

As a member you will also enjoy in-store perks, with special offerings and discounts. 

Great for cork dorks and newbies.

When I started Wine at Five in the Spring of 2006 I wanted to be different. I wanted the wine store to evolve alongside new wines, new practices, new wine-makers. I wasn’t going to follow the path of least resistance and rely on Santa Magharita and Veuve Cliquot to define my wine shop. I wanted to bring to light some of the unsung heroes of the wine industry, the children of great wine-makers who were now taking up the family mantel.
Back in 2006 I also started the Wine at Five Wine of the Month Club. It is a 4 bottle club that introduces members to wines they would typically not think of asking for. It too has evolved over the last 13 years. And now it’s time to introduce another Wine Club to our customers. The ‘short-inventory’ wine club. This club will specialize in promoting wines that are made in tiny quantities, that are highly ‘allocated’ under the rules of the SLA and wines that have a back-story that make them quite unique. It will consist of 2 bottles of wine per month. Other than the uniqueness of the wine there will be no rules.
The amount of time that it takes to prepare the existing wine clubs will require that this ‘Short-Inventory Club’ be available on the 15th of each month. Mid-Month members will be able to collect, or have delivered via UPS, their wines. The price for this club is $95.00 per month – billable on the 15th each month with a 3 month minimum membership. Thereafter membership can be cancelled by giving notice at least 2 weeks prior to the next allocation.
The first club allocation will be on July 15. Initially the membership will be limited to 24 members. Being that the wines we are seeking are made in such small quantities membership must be limited to the availability of a wine. We will begin at 24 and see where the club leads us.

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