McKinlay Pinot Noir

The summer isn’t the best time necessarily to be tasting a lot of new wines. Traffic is typically slow with parents away paddling on beaches and kids sidling up to the Tiki Bar (or is it the other way round?). And historically Rye becomes a very sleepy town. But I had the opportunity earlier this week to try some new Oregon Pinot Noirs and really, who can say no to an offer like that? One in particular caught my fancy.

McKinlay Willamette Valley Pinot Noir.

This is a true Scottish heritage winery. The Reverend George Angus McKinlay farmed his plot of land back in the early 1900s and planted fruit and nut trees all around. 100 years later his prodigy, Matt Kinne turned nuts into grapes and water into wine. His passion is Pinot Noir and surprisingly he only farms pinot noir grapes. It’s a huge risk but he strongly believes that less interference is the ideal method to make great wine. His vineyards and his fruit make the wine and if the heavens can’t be appeased then so be it. He’ll let the grapes dictate how great his wine will be that year.

He is lauded in numerous wine blogs and has created a rather cult-like following throughout the US. His wines are fermented with native yeasts; they are aged briefly in no more than 25% new oak and when it’s time to be bottled he does so unfined and unfiltered. Or as Matt would put it, ‘The winemaker’s hand is light to balance, not mute, these attributes and promote the purest possible expression a vineyard has to offer.”

The 2014 that I tasted was simply delicious. It sprang at you with as assertive kick, but not in the goolies. There was this lovely flash of acidity followed by a very mellow ripe fig flavor coupled with slow-roasted mushrooms and smoky short ribs. There was nothing green nor vegetal on the palate, just harmony. I kept going back for another nip and eventually decided that even though it’s the wrong time to buy new wine I owed it to you to bring it in. It is a lovely wine, and as befits a new wine in a slow time it’s on sale for $25.00 per bottle.

I have five cases on offer. And though I don’t really need to entice you anymore, this wine has the perfect balance to be drunk right now – in all this messy heat and humidity.

McKinlay Pinot Noir 2014. On sale: $25.00

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Have a wonderful weekend.