New Wine - La Casacchia

We often hear about Farm to Table from restaurants wanting to elaborate on their relationship with terra firma and their commitment to using food grown responsibly and locally. We have the same thing in the wine world – Vine to Table. And this latest trio of wines is a perfect example of exactly that.

La Casaccia is a four member, family owned, winery in Monferrato, an AVA within the Piedmont region. Mother, daughter, father and son. They work the winery by hand, literally. From harvesting the grapes, by hand, hand sorting the grapes in the vineyard, bottling, labelling, shipping etc. Everything is done by them and by hand. The vineyards are organic, minimalist and non-interventionist.

But what sets them apart is they have also never been exported to this country, they are imported by a very small importer and they haven’t yet figured out that they could probably charge twice the price that they are presently asking.

Here are my tasting notes:

La Casaccia Poggeto Grignolino: Almost the color of a rosé but this is true red wine. Beautifully light in texture with a zippy freshness and a bundle of red fruit. This is perfect patio drinking. A slight chill on the bottle, some cheese, some salami, a baguette – perfect. Honestly doesn’t get much better than this.

La Casaccia Monfiorenza Freisa: Bolder, with more black fruit than red. Still extremely elegant and poised, with a delicious after taste of cherry and chocolate bits ice-cream. Again, there is a vibrancy and youthfulness to this wine that edges it past the doldrums of so many inexpensive, tasteless red wines. With a pizza, perfect, with a BBQ, unbeatable. Delicious.

La Cassaccia Barbera del Monferrato Giuanin. Barbera can be such an overdose. Commercialized by dozens of producers seeking the next 90 point cheapy, it has a tendency to be overdone and over-extracted. La Casaccia’s Barbera is anything but. You taste the earth and you sense the Terroir. Long finish with dark black fruit, great aromas and an undulating softness that makes you want to finish the bottle.

As you might have guessed, I was quite excited about these wines. They are the perfect accompaniment to a dinner party that starts on the patio, evolves in the kitchen and sits at that table. Terrific wines at a terrific price – made even better by this combo offering:

Buy a mixed case, 4 bottles of each wine, for $162.00 They will be priced, briefly at $15.00 per bottle during May and will increase to $17.00 in June – if there is any left. But seriously, $162 for a case of terrific wine for 3 separate occasions, that’s true Vine to Table.

Let me know – quantities, as always, are limited. The winery makes less than 2,000 cases in total. Not much of it comes over here.