All the news that's fit to print, and some that's not.

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I am sitting here reading about certain Canadian schools that have banned school trips to the US over fears that the Muppet’s immigration plans may affect schoolchildren on buses coming across the border. I am ashamed that this Muppet in the High Castle can have such an effect on global travel. But if the by-product is that all the American airline companies go bankrupt, and remain bankrupt, then I won’t be so upset. Maybe then we will have national airlines that put the customer first; why can Singapore Airlines be profitable and still provide one of the greatest airline experiences of all time; so too Virgin Airways, and have you ever flown Qatar? OMG. Compared to AA they are in a universe so beyond anything that an American ‘national’ airline provides that I wonder how you can make America ‘great’ again, if you don’t start with the airlines. But then again, I’m not in the Muppet House and maybe it’s more important to just ban all those great airlines from entering US airspace because maybe there is a Muslim aboard. Oh boohoo.

I had a customer in the store earlier this week who wanted to know why I had stopped being ‘politically active’ in my blogs about wine. I didn’t really know how to answer him. It wasn’t because I deliberately abstained after the elections, I think it was more that there is so much press written about this Muppet I didn’t feel the need to participate. And I didn’t really want to. He’s a Muppet. He’s not the President of this country – someone else is. Most of us are more than 4 years old, and we lived. Chances are we will be alive after this Muppet Show is over and then we can relax and go back to watching real TV. The Muppet can go back to presiding over his Reality TV show, and we can rejoice in the fact that we will never, ever, see another Muppet from the Right Bank take over the White House again. So there!

On the brighter side, the French, Slovenian, Italian, Spanish and others have, in support of my affirmation of their great airlines, sent me a bounty of cases of Rose wines. I was fortunate to spend much of last week in NYC attending numerous trade shows in the quest of the best rose wines. It’s a start, and by no means the end, but this first delivery of roses are totally delicious. I am happy to say that where I thought the 2015 vintage of roses was as good as it gets, the 2016 vintage is every bit as good. I was hard pressed to reject any but it may be worth mentioning why I rejected those that I did; Any rose named after the Muppet was rejected out of hand, any that were sweet where there was no reason for it, were rejected; any that tasted too much of extracted fruit were out; any that tasted of water with food coloring, out; any that had a residue of old fruit, out. What I wanted this year was wine that was absolutely clear, absolutely true to the grape or the blend they professed to be made from and wine that made you smile. Because I haven’t seen too much of that around Rye lately. Rose is fun, should be drunk with friends, with partners, with loved ones. It should not need to be discussed. Chill it and drink it. Don’t worry about your self-esteem, or the fact that rose may be ‘gay’. It’s not. Get over it. Drink it because it is utterly delicious. And this coming Saturday we’ll open a few so you can see for yourself. Rose without Borders. Totally great.

It also seems that we ourselves have been making a little bit of news. Yes, the rumors are true. We are moving. And yes we are planning to open a Wine Bar along with the Wine Store. And yes, we have signed a long term lease for the old Smoke Shop on the corner of Elm and Purchase. And just maybe the Eagles will reunite and sing a song that begins, ‘standing on the corner of Purchase and Elmizona’! Who knows? What we don’t know is when. The State Liquor Authority will ultimately decide if, and when, we can open. If any local customers would like to come in and sign our petition, please do so. But the plan is to open the wine bar along Purchase Street and move the wine store along Elm Street. I shall do my best to update readers on a timely basis. But one of the side effects of this plan has been to slightly reduce the level of inventory in the present store. My thought was that anything still in inventory when we moved would have to be carried up the road, and that will still happen. But I thought that maybe I could begin to reduce inventory so we wouldn’t have to carry so much. But over the last few weeks I have realized that that plan wasn’t such a bright idea. We looked like a bare Mrs. Hubbard’s Cupboard. And I didn’t like that look. So during the last few days we have added over 100 cases of wine, many new faces, some old favorites, and many that I have fallen in love with from trade tastings I have attended since my return from Chile.

Loving life (and a glass or two of rose). See you on Saturday, if not before.