Just in Time for the Weekend

Fall is fast approaching, but we have another fabulous weekend in store. For that we bought in some more rosés - the Lulumi that I had in storage, the last of the AIX and deliberately for Fall I brought in a Sangiovese rosé from Fanti. We also restocked the Heritage Pinot Noir from Oregon and the Ransom Red Blend from Rogue Valley, Oregon.

Also during the week I got in some terrific Barbaresco from Carlo Giacosa and don't forget, the Barolo/Barbaresco Direct Import offering is still on-going through next Saturday. To read the full report and access the prices just click here: http://www.wineatfive.com/wine-ismy-journey

This week we have:

Saint Roch Sauvignon Blanc, Touraine. $15
You can spend the money on a Sancerre (please do) b ut if you wnat something a little less mineraly try this Sauvignon from the same region just a different village.

Jean-Max Roger, Sancerre Les Cailottes. $35
Here's where you can spend money on a Sancerre. It is delicious. Terrific mineral backbone but with a hint of rested lees that adds a touch more weight and more complexity. Beautifully integrated.

Giovanni Rosso, Barbarera d'Alba Donna Margherita. $18
Not sure how much of this I can get. Really tasty, fresh Barbera that is moving importers. Wine-maker and importer got into it and parted ways. New importer has this priced at $25-28 next month. We got it at $18.

Tre Monti, Doppio Pignoletto Frizzante - $22
Everybody I know knows that I love champagne. Sometimes I break that down to anything fizzy and Tre Monti's Doppio is simply lovely. Soft frizzant with loads of green apple skin and citrus. The perfect aperitif and mid-afternoon chiller. Loved this.

There you have it. Waiting on the truck for some of these, but all due in today.
Don't forget, tomorrow is the Great Taste of Rye. We don't serve food but stop by anyway and have a taste of something delicious!

If you want to reserve any of the above let me know. And if you like Barolos and Barbarescos take a read of the report and send me you wish list.

Have a great weekend.